Psychology and Spirituality

Why are our beliefs so important?

Today's society shows a new interest in the question of spirituality. Everywhere you look, "mental health specialists" suggest “new” practices such as meditation or mindfulness ... But very few psychologists know the negative aspects of such practices!​

How should you handle the religious, psychological, and spiritual aspects in your life?

During my career as a psychologist I have observed that the spiritual beliefs of my patients contribute to the resolution of their problems, either strengthening or weakening their minds; certain particular beliefs seemed to have a negative influence on their lives.

This is how I understood that beliefs and religion have a direct impact on personality and can affect the mental health of patients.

Since then, I have accompanied patients of different religions to renew and find peace in their relationship with the Divine; I have also accompanied them in their spiritual doubts and questionings.

I assist Protestant and Catholic Christian patients, Muslim patients, African patients with animistic beliefs, patients with an Eastern spirituality… in short, people who yearn to know the truth and who are seeking for answers.

Do not hesitate to request a consultation to analyze the relationship between your spiritual life and your mental health!

A key moment that enhanced my interest in spirituality, religion and psychology came when helping patients who questioned their religion and examined their spiritual beliefs as a result of the 2015/2016 terrorist attacks in France.