Psychological Therapy

Psychotherapy is not a 'crazy' thing

It is totally false that only crazy people need a psychologist!!

Anyone can benefit from a session with a professional qualified in mental health and psychological processes. In developed countries, people know the value of feedback coming from a professional in clinical psychology and they do not hesitate to request therapy or a session to understand themselves better, for self-help, and for growing!

General psychology

•Personality evaluation sessions
•General psychology services
•Career guidance sessions
•Self-esteem sessions
•Psychological services for parents and children
•Stress and how to solve it
•Emotional regulation sessions
•Learn to relax

Specialized psychology

•Evaluation and diagnosis of various psychopathologies
•Treatment of major depressive psychopathology
•Suicidal ideas and how to fight them
•Personality disorders
•Psychogenealogy (French Method)
•Support for Psychotic Psychopathology
•Complex grief management
•Psychology of conception and fertility
•Eating disorder
•Immigration psychology

Psychotraumatology Accidents

•Social violence

•Intimate partner violence

•Domestic violence

•Spiritual abuse

•Sexual violence and abuse

•Effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (method used by the United States military)

More common than we think

These situations are very common among students, young adults, adults, and seniors. They can also be present in children, adolescents, adults and elderly persons.

I can work individually or with parents for the different needs related to family upbringing.